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galleries from soho theatre, w1d 3ne  (see all)

a clockwork orange - press night

the all-male version of a clockwork orange opens at soho theatre with martin mccreadie (alexander delarge), neil chinneck (f alexander/dr brodsky/pedofil/mum), simon cotton (joe/dolin/new droog/big jew), philip honeywell (branom/mark/the woman/warder), rob maloney (deltoid/chaplain/old-lady), james meryk (georgie/zophar/bromine), stephen spencer (dim/the minister), will stokes (billy boy/new droog/the governor/f-me pumps/dance captain) and tom whitelock (pete/clown/the doc)

rich peppiatt: one rogue reporter - backstage

hugh grant and max mosley go backstage at the soho theatre for the second performance of rich peppiatt: one rogue reporter, a merciless dissection of the world of the red-top

soho cinders - after party

soho cinders opens at soho theatre starring jenna russell (marilyn platt) michael xavier (james prince), thomas milner (robbie), and amy lennox (velcro) gerard carey (william george) with the voice of stephen fry

touched... like a virgin - press night

kate moss and ronnie wood join sadie frost (lesley) backstage to celebrate the opening of zoe lewis' touched... like a virgin at the soho theatre

fit and proper people - press night

steve marmion directs georgia fitch's fit and proper people with steven hartley (anthony whitechapel), katy stephens (casey layton) and david yip (frank wong/craig/mouftaou's wife) at soho theatre

steve marmion - portrait session

a private portrait session for soho theatre's new articistic director, steve marmion

the verity bargate award 2007 presentation

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