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stephen mear

choreographer (kiss me, kate)
choreographer (betty blue eyes)
choreographer (crazy for you)
choreographer (gigi)
choreographer (hello, dolly!)
choreographer (sweet charity)
choreographer (the pajama game)
 seen with... allan corduner, sarah lancashire, annalisa rossi, philip bateman, tim hatley, ebony molina, samantha spiro, reece shearsmith, louie spence, claire machin, george stiles, ian conningham, jo morris, ben richards, josefina gabrielle, alex bourne, annette mclaughlin, kate golledge, paul j medford, william village, kim medcalf, joanna riding, meg price, carl sanderson, cameron mackintosh, peter mckintosh, richard roe, trevor nunn, clare foster, anthony drewe, kevin spacey, holly dale spencer, richard eyre, timothy sheader, nolan frederick, gareth valentine, hannah waddingham
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annette mclaughlin and stephen mear
28th may 2012

gareth valentine, stephen mear and sid livingstone
15th april 2012

stephen mear
15th february 2012

ian conningham, sarah lancashire, reece shearsmith, stephen mear, anne emery, anthony drewe and george stiles
2nd december 2011

jo morris (swing) and stephen mear (choreographer)
17th october 2011

meg price (production assistant) and stephen mear (choreographer)
17th october 2011

stephen mear (choreographer) and kim medcalf (irene roth)
17th october 2011

stephen mear (choreographer), peter mckintosh (designer) and timothy sheader (director)
17th october 2011
total 37 pictures 1  2  3  4  5

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