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original director trevor nunn returns to the chocolate factory for aspects of love, set against the background of 1940's france and italy, with michael arden (alex dillingham) and katherine kingsley (rose vibert)

aspects of love

alex dillingham michael arden
artistic director david babani
designer david farley
director trevor nunn
elizabeth louisa lydell
ensemble jill armour
general manager tom siracusa
giulietta trapani rosalie craig
hugo dominic tighe
jenny dillingham grace morrisonellie bamberrebecca brewer
lighting designer paul pyant
lyrics don blackcharles hart
marcel martyn ellis
musical director thomas murray
rose vibert katherine kingsley
sir george dillingham dave willetts
sound designer gareth owen

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aspects of love - after party

production locations

menier chocolate factory menier chocolate factory on twitter


kirsten turner, marianne elliott, hadley fraser
paul robinson, oli sones, matthew white
luke evans, damian humbley, ben barnes
sally humphreys, simon green
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luke evans, dominic tighe (hugo) and ben barnes

charles hart (lyrics), trevor nunn (director) and don black (lyrics)

don black (lyrics) and katherine kingsley (rose vibert)

martyn ellis (marcel) and don black (lyrics)

luke evans and katherine kingsley (rose vibert)

ellie bamber (jenny dillingham) and grace morrison (jenny dillingham)

ellie bamber (jenny dillingham), trevor nunn (director) and grace morrison (jenny dillingham)

hadley fraser and rosalie craig (giulietta trapani)
total 46 pictures 1  2  3  4  5  6