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stephen mangan (ed), lisa dillon (lisa), llewella gideon (joyce) and louise brealey (natasha) in joe penhall's new play birthday, directed by roger michell, at the royal court theatre


author joe penhall
director roger michell
ed stephen mangan
joyce llewella gideon
lighting designer hugh vanstone
lisa lisa dillon
natasha louise brealey

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production locations

royal court theatre 


blake harrison, louise delamere, lolita chakrabarti
fenella woolgar, penny smith, anna maxwell martin
rupert goold, adrian lester, tamsin greig
nigel lindsay, victoria hamilton, ben miles
lisa makin, simon stephens, mark strong
jonathan harvey, george stiles
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fenella woolgar, rupert goold and lisa makin

fenella woolgar, rupert goold and lisa makin

penny smith

adrian lester and lolita chakrabarti

george stiles and hugh vanstone (lighting designer)

blake harrison and kerry lynch

victoria hamilton and tamsin greig

victoria hamilton and tamsin greig
total 41 pictures 1  2  3  4  5  6