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hegre's adventures of tintin press night

hegre's adventures of tintin

there are no cast listed for this production

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hegre's adventures of tintin - press night

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nina kwok, miltos yerolemou, matthew parish
stephen finegold, minty, steven lim
nicola blackwell, teddy, anil desai
david newman, david greig, dai tabuchi
dominic rouse, sonia friedman, rufus norris
maria friedman, maggie norris, michael edwards
carole winter, jeremy barlow

herge's adventures of tintin

adaptation david greig
blessed lightning steven lim
calculus david newman
captain haddock stephen finegold
castafiori/mrs rama nicola blackwell
chang nina kwok
director rufus norris
lowly porter anil desai
producer sonia friedmanmichael edwardscarole winter
snowy miltos yerolemouminty
tharkey dai tabuchi
thompsom/musical director dominic rouse
thomson jeremy barlow
tintin matthew parish
understudy teddy
understudy, snowy teddy
yeti daniel llewelyn-williams
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 posted by on 12th December 2007 at 07:00GMT 
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nina kwok (chang), miltos yerolemou (snowy) and matthew parish (tintin)

stephen finegold (captain haddock)

daniel llewellyn-williams (yeti)

stephen finegold (captain haddock), matthew parish (tintin), miltos yerolemou (snowy), minty (snowy) and nina kwok (chang)

steven lim (blessed lightning)

maggie norris, with umi myers and marnie duke

miltos yerolemou (snowy) and matthew parish (tintin)

nicola blackwell (castafiori/mrs rama) and steven lim (blessed lightning)
total 17 pictures 1  2  3