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charlotte gwinner directs joanne froggatt (zoe), christopher simpson (maz) and andrew woodall (harry) in john donnelly's the knowledge at the bush theatre

the knowledge

artistic director josie rourke
author john donnelly
daniel kerron darby
designer signe beckmann
director charlotte gwinner
harry andrew woodall
lighting designer mark doubleday
maz christopher simpson
mickey joe cole
sal mandheep dillon
zoe joanne froggatt

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the knowledge - after party

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bush theatre 


simon bent, paul miller, john hopkins
james cannon, susannah harker, claire price
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nathan curry and mark doubleday (lighting designer)

christopher simpson (maz)

joe cole (mickey) and christopher simpson (maz)

joe cole (mickey)

joe cole (mickey)

mandheep dillon (sal)

mandheep dillon (sal)

john donnelly (author) and john hopkins
total 25 pictures 1  2  3  4